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Outdoor Cooker Deep Fryer Steamer-LP Gas-2 Vat Pan-3 Burner Basket-BBQ Fish


Make chicken wings, french fries, fried dough
Onion rings, popcorn chicken, and much more!

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Outdoor Deep Cooker 3 Burner 3 Basket
Outdoor Deep Cooker 3 Burner 3 Basket

Outdoor Cooker
2 Vat 3 Basket
3 Burner
LP Gas Operated

(No Gas Or Tank)
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Item Description


New/Un-used item.
For replacement use or vendor resales at shows and flea markets or DIY builder repair parts.

Use this 3 burner outdoor fryer at tailgates, picnics, family fish fries and more.
This fish fryer has two frying compartments so that food flavors do not cross contaminate each other.
Makes it easy to fry fish or chicken and prepare fries at the same time.
Outdoor cooking made simple.

The outdoor propane fryer makes outdoor cooking a breeze.
Enjoy cooking fried chicken, fried fish, or other fried seafood in this heavy duty deep fryer.
It can also be used to boil or steam foods, so you can make chili and gumbo at the same time.

Fish, chicken, french fries, onion rings, fried dough, steamed clams & vegetables...
The list goes on and on.

This portable deep fryer not only
gives you the luxury of cooking outside,
It gives you
the convenience of making three different foods at the same time.
Since each basket is contained within one of two aluminum vats, you can avoid cross contamination.
Your French fries and hush puppies will never taste like fried fish or fried chicken again!
You can even use each vat for a different purpose.
Fry your chicken, steam your vegetables, and heat your chili all at the same time.

Perfect for frying fish, chicken, fries and more.
This outdoor fryer has 3 high pressure cast iron burners with 60,000 BTUs each to bring your oil to frying temperature quickly.

The fish fryer has two vats for frying so there is no residual food taste carry over.
The smaller fryer basin comes with two stainless steel fryer baskets and has a 2.7 gallon capacity.
The large vat at a 7.0 gallon capacity has one stainless steel frying basket.
Use with the aluminum lid to convert this larger fryer section into a steamer
(Sold separately-See below for optional accessories available in the store).

As with any outdoor cooking...
ake sure your unit is set up on a level surface to prevent tipping and never overfill the fryer vats.


• Burners: 3, Cast Iron construction, 60,000 BTUs
• Vats: 1 large, 1 small
• Large vat capacity: 7.0 gallons
• Small vat capacity: 2.7 gallons
• Large vat has one stainless steel basket with side lift handles
• Small vat has two stainless steel fryer baskets with lift handles
• Fryer body dimensions: 36-1/2 in. L x 16 in. W x 32 In. H
• Removable legs for transporting
• Brass manifold for cast iron burner connection
• UL listed high pressure regulator and hose included
• Clip on thermometer included

There are additional products to help you customize your fish and chicken fryers.
Whether it is a lid, steamer basket, replacement baskets or griddle plate, this cooker will make outdoor cooking simple.

Here are some of the accessory & replacement items to go with this cooker available separately in the store
(Send an email if you don't see what you want listed):

• Aluminum lid to cover the large vat of the fryer
• Replace the large vat with a stainless steel steamer basket
• Stainless steel hot plate for a griddle surface. (Comes with a drip pan-Fry burgers and fries at the same time!)
• Stainless steel side shelves for more working area.
• Additional small vat.
• Stainless steel fryer basket that will fit the small vat of the fish fryer.
• Stainless steel fryer or steamer basket that will fit the large vat of the cooker 3 burner fryer.

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