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Website SEO Services-New Design Startup & Problem Fixes Help

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SEO website consulting help on a per-page basis.
Whether a single page, or a full size website, one time or on-going basis.
You decide what you need.

Cost factors vary widely. So include a brief description of your expectations.
(Number of pages to be optimized, minor or major re-tuning, total re-design, etc...)
your website URL/name and the program it's written in if you know it.

For total re-construction purposes:
A web-page is generally referred to as approximately the size of office paper.
However, latitude is given where actual relevant content requires more space.

To receive a free no-cost, no-obligation price estimate for your web-site Search-Engine-Optimizing,
Include the following in your email:
Your website address
Type of product(s) or information you are trying to promote
Number of pages you would like optimized
Any other special information about your business or website that you feel is relevant, or needed

Send an email with your website address for SEO pricing estimate & info.

Note that it is also VERY important that both agent & client are on the same page as far as expectations.
Please include a brief description of the level of site improvements you are looking for.

What Is SEO Anyway?

Some clients feel an entire website should have a new look and flow of pages.
Which is fine, but will obviously reflect in the cost estimate, and can be more dramatic for larger websites.
Not usually the case for most, but if this is for you, be prepared to spend a lot of time and communication is necessary throughout the entire process in order that you get the kind of site YOU want, not what a designer wants (Unless you're ok with a totally designer based plan).

Other persons want nothing more than their target audience to be able find them and the hopes of their web-ratings improved.
Be aware, this will more than likely also require some minor on-page changes, but will usually retain the same basic design, except in extreme circumstances.
Usually, unless a before & after page are viewed side-by-side, a difference will not even be noticed by the casual observer.

SEO is any act that changes words or settings in order to better place a give web-page on a search query.

In either event, in order to give you a fair and accurate estimate, you will need to define what you expect.

More often than not, people are happier creating their own basic look for each web-page to their site, and only some minor tweaking and adjustments are all that's needed (Along with some technical changes necessary for rank improvement).
This is the preferred method for most, although a few may want an entirely new website created for them.
You can obviously see how pricing would differ for both options, and so it follows that the need for the client to define the expectations from the start is needed.

Take a look at this entire website (Especially if your own site is of the retail nature).
Colors, words, pictures, headings, footers, etc...CAN ALL BE CHANGED....
What you're looking for in an SEO, is how well they design the connecting pages and natural flow throughout the entire site, and of course, the rankings for your target audience.

Now do an internet search for the kinds of items sold on this website.
This website is in a HIGHLY competitive field, yet still places well for most of it's products offered.

Everyone feels their chosen area is difficult and highly competitive, but for SEO purposes, many brick-and-mortar common practices are not what gets you ranked.
It's how smart your SEO designer is that counts.
If your site doesn't get seen....It doesn't sell squat.
The race is not always won by the fastest...But by the quickest.
The easier your field is, the less the cost will be.
Easier is much defined by how unaware your competitors are about SEO practices.

What will happen after you send the email?

1) Your website will be looked at, inspected for several key areas to have a clearer understanding of its
On-page problems or any deficits
Rankings with several search engines and explore several critical areas

2) Your email will be responded to in a few days after the site has been evaluated for size, content, type, rankings, etc...
An estimate of both time and cost will be emailed back to you, and if agreeable the process will begin.

3) If you decide to proceed, then a list of recomendations will be generated.
You will have sole authority and be the boss of the operation.
Further proceeding at each of the separate points will be at your sole discretion as to whether or not you wish to implement any of the changes.
These are only recomendations, and you are not required to follow any of them.
At the very least, you should keep them though, in case you change your mind later.
Your website is important to you, and no changes will be made without you knowing-period.

All products are available in quantities for farm & home projects, DIY repairs, shops and large orders for tractor show vendor resales.
If an item or category isn't shown, send an email and it will be listed for you ASAP.

Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
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