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How To Search For & Find Tractor Implement Parts Sales Info

Here are a few tips toward searching for items or info on this website using the search box found at the upper left above the navigation column on each page.

The search box is now at the upper right side on every page.
Type in the most common word or words about the item you're looking for and then click "Search", or hit the "enter" key.

When typing in a search for any item, you may also want to do a search for multiples of that item or include the word "lot".
Use proper english, and add the appropriate "s", "es" or "ies" at the end.

Effort is made to use both singular & plural in each ad description.
Occasionally one may slip through with only it's listed choice used.
So if your search doesn't show up, try it with or without the plural.
Feel free to send an email if the quantity you want still isn't listed.

CATEGORY LINKS will open in the same window.
Category & Sub-Category picture links are FRAMED

ITEM LINKS will open in it's own new window.
Item picture links are NOT FRAMED

These are so you can keep multiple items open at the same time,
and compare them if you like, while not losing the category page.
Plus have the benefit of knowing how it will open beforehand.

Home Page's links are not framed due to space limitations.
They will open in the same window.

Use your back button, or click on the subcategory links above.
(The "You>Are>Here" path)
Or start again from "Current Listings" on the menu tabs on the left
to go to other products or categories.

The search finds any word in both title & description.
All pages on this site with the words you type will show up.
So narrow or broaden your query accordingly to your needs.
More words narrow the results, but be sure they're relevant.

A page of "Quick Links
" (See navigation bar) has been created.
It's a fast way to "window-shop", though not all items are on it
Your search will
discover that page with many other items also.
Available items are not limited to just those on the page.
It is simply the most common ones sold here.

Come back often and search to see if your ad is listed yet.
Mark the site in your favorites, or to your desktop to make it easy.


The search will show all pages with the word you typed.
Including "Category Pages".

At the right side of the returned page, will be two links.
(Pages & Products)

"Pages" simply shows the total number of pages it found.
You can use the links to get to the description before purchasing.

"Products" will bring you to the links for all the items listed for sale with that word in the description.
You can use those links to add products to your shopping cart if you have already viewed the description earlier.

All products are available in quantities for farm & home projects, DIY repairs, shops and large orders for tractor show vendor resales.
If an item or category isn't shown, send an email and it will be listed for you ASAP.

Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
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