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Agricultural State Extension Office Service Agency Listings

Here's a helpful list of United States Agricultural Extension Offices state college & university website links.
Use it for help with private, public, & community needs for any general or specific plant, animal, biological & chemical concerns, as well as any soil, fertilizer, fungal or other agriculture or farm & ranch related issues.

Your area's extension offices are a useful source of information, as well as a testing lab for agricultural needs.
The outreach centers also provide research & development, community education & field demonstrations.
In addition to the primary task of teaching classes to students, they also help local farmers, gardeners, enthusiasts and professionals with their ag based needs.

They are each independent research facilities, not tied to or affiliated with any private company businesses other than their respective schools and the NIFA government office, and run by their own department head.
As a result, you may be able to gain a more independant form of findings & solutions for your needs than an industry based or corporation style answer sheet might be able to provide.

For further information on local extension offices, visit the agricultural extension department direct links below.

Extra FYI:
The flow of offices goes something like this: The USDA was in charge of CSREES, which congress has now replaced with the organization known as NIFA since "The Food, Conservation And Energy Act Of 2008" and is operated by means of a presidential budget ($1.5 Billion FY 2015).
Local branch extension service offices receive their resources through the same budget allocations as NIFA.
Each office publishes much of their own research online to the public via their own website for all to access.

NIFA helps with many types of grant proposals for agriculturally based endeavors used by many small farms.
According to their website, they use 600,000 volunteers to engage with 6.5 million youth through 4-H clubs.
Other groups such as The Future Farmers Of America (FFA) can also benefit from their website info.

You can also go to the CSREES (Co-Operative State Research Education & Extension Service) website
At information regarding other services can also be seen on their "About" tab.

The links above & below will open in a separate window for your convenience.
If any of the links below become outdated, visit them at the National Institute Of Food & Agriculture link page.

Also, it is probable that in the future, some schools will change their pages name, thereby creating a broken link.
If you notice any bad links, please send an email to Hardacrefarm to let us know, thank you.

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