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Purchase Terms & Agreement-Payment Type vs Shipping Time

Terms & Site Info:

Terms of Service
Some very basic and straightforward terms:

Product Info:
Much effort is made to be as accurate as possible about every item listed.
The manufacturer-supplier info is used in order to avoid any discrepancy's.

These are all very standard equipment items sold here.
Nothing listed herein is specific to any brand or model unless it is stated so in the ad.
Use the measurements given in any ad to determine for yourself whether it may suit your needs.

Payment methods:
Items do not process until after payment has cleared-NO EXCEPTIONS.
Go to any of these accepted dotcom sites to sign up and register.
Most are free to send payments, but as they get safer down the list, there becomes a minor cost.
See the payment options page for the most updated list & links for signups.

Google Wallet (MasterCard)
BlueBird (American Express/WalMart)
Western Union (MasterCard)
Dwolla (Send Online From Your Checking Account)
PopMoney (Send Online From Your Checking Account)
Serve (AmEx)
WalMart Money Orders Online
U.S. Postal Money Orders (Best M.O. there is)

USPS Money Orders are still the safest payment option in America for both buyers and sellers alike.
Guaranteed payable on demand at any post office nationwide.
Traceable through the receipt for the buyer as to who cashed it, when, & where for fraud protection.
Fastest clearing time of any money order made-BAR NONE.

Shipping Info:
Items ship by UPS Ground, and Freight Trucking for larger/heavier items than UPS allows.
Both with tracking info after the numbers are uploaded at their sites.

Items are processed only after the payment clears-NO EXCEPTIONS.
The payment method that YOU CHOOSE decides how fast this happens.
Though mailing is a bit slower, the USPS Money Order is ALWAYS recommended for safer purchasing.

This policy is to help both the buyer and seller prevent any fraudulent use of credit cards.
Be certain your credit card information is up to date before purchasing.

AK & HI buyers will have to add the necessary costs for shipping to your payments.
You can check each ad by clicking "More Destinations" and typing in your zip code to see the cost.
If for some reason it says $0.00, send an email for a quote.

Return Policy:
Buyer pays all shipping costs-both ways, payment and refund fees, plus 10% restocking fee.
Restocking any items simply raises the cost, (creating "open-box/used items, & manhours").
These things do have a cost factor, and would otherwise force a price increase for paying customers.
This policy helps to keep serious buyers from having to pay for non-serious buyer expenses with higher prices.

View the full version standard return policy here (Opens in a new window).

If you're uncertain or unfamiliar with any product, this may be of some help....
The items sold here are all very standard items, and usually available at many local farm stores nationally.
In addition, online help is widely available.
Do some research on the item, possibly go see some if you feel you need to.
They are very standard items that are sold at farm stores most everywhere.
Go check them out, then come back here and compare pricing.
People buy from this site for one main reason-SAVINGS ON THE ITEMS THEY NEED.

Why so confident about pricing you ask?
Because time is allotted each month to check on competitor pricing.
Keeping an eye on competition is why we know these prices aree the cheapest you'll find.
It's already known here what the others are charging for the identical items at their sites & stores.

So if other vendors are selling the same manufacturer's parts, why are they cheaper here?
Low overhead is critical, and has a direct influence to end result pricing.
The importance of that rule cannot be overstated.
Higher pricing is an indicator of owner earnings & wasted resources-Not of better parts.

Payment methods are also a large indicator that there will be higher pricing which they must pass on to you.
Those easy-pay-ways used elsewhere really hike up their costs, see Payment Options for more effective ways to pay!
Register now even if you're not buying-Free and protects your bank acoount numbers from being used online.

If you check elsewhere to shop prices, you'll be back here to buy.
Soon you'll be returning here for more items when you realize the savings that can be had for you and your family.

Non-paying or problem buyers will be blocked from any future sales or purchases.
All scammers will be reported to their credit card companies of their fraudulent use methods and tactics.


All products are available in quantities for farm & home projects, DIY repairs, shops and large orders for tractor show vendor resales.
If an item or category isn't shown, send an email and it will be listed for you ASAP.

Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
  Google Wallet     WalMart BlueBird      DWOLLA Checking     USPS Money Order

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