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Website Advertising-Rotating Banner Or Static Links-No PPC

Why advertise?
If you're thinking of advertising for the first time,
it's probably because you've become ready to branch out further
than what local "Word Of Mouth" can take you.
Maybe you've become established enough to justify a small cost tax write-off.
But you want a good return for your investment,
without having to work more or work harder than you do already.
Whatever the reason is for YOU to advertise...
The fact is that OTHER people can't buy things that they're not made aware of.
Without advertising, It's like having a big yard sale...Without putting up any signs!

Why advertise HERE?
Here's just a few of the reasons...
You've obviously seen the pricing already.
Unlike those site's where they know you're interested in something,
So they lead you through a series of pages to build suspense...
Only to find out disapointing news or pricing.
Here it's on every page header and footer with prices for each according to size.

Don't take seeing that for granted.
It's a sign of honesty and integrity. Right out there in the open.
Other websites will make you email them to ask for prices..Do you know why?
It's so they can look you up and see what they think your company is worth.
That way so they can give you as high a quote as possible.
Some will even "let you talk them down" so you feel like you got a good deal!

Here, you know up front what you're paying, and what everyone else is too.
But more importantly, you know that you're not being played for more.
The prices are right out there in front of God and everyone!
Anyone anywhere on the internet can see it.
No haggleing...No guessing.
Just straightup prices. Period.

Think about how you found this website....
It obviously had something of interest to you, in order for you to take the time to click on the link to bring you to the site before you ever even became aware that you could link your own web page or website to this one.

That's roughly the same reasoning as to why others arrive at this website
It has things that are of interest to THEM!
And since you're probably "like-minded" as they are, there's a high probability that they're interested in the very same things you deal in as well...Which could mean new business for you!!

With so many products being added to the on-line store every month, it won't be long before the number of "click-throughs" are beyond impressive to linkers.

Why take the risk?
Understanding of course, that as with any new endeavor, there are risks,...
And that money wasted isn't at all what we aim for as business's...

Try this...
A small link brings in just small business...
So try a LARGE LINK at first, and see if your business increases.
Notice how that larger/bolder print keeps grabbing your eye?
Same principle with link size.
If your business increases,
shrink the ad by one size and see if it affects the business any.
If it doesn't,
decrease it's size again the following month and each month thereafter.
Keep doing this each month,
until you decide at what point you need to be at for "cost-effectiveness.
Then you're not wasting any "extra money".

Notice how the advice is to start big and work towards small?
Several things happen when doing your advertising that way.
First, your name gets heard in a BIG way....
Then, the echoes of it month after month linger in peoples memories...
All the while, building followers, but spending LESS each month to hold onto them!

You'll know when you reach the point of cost effectiveness.
And that'll be the size ad you should stay with.

Of course, you can purchase as big an ad as you like at any time.
That's probably better if more words need to be said for your particular market.
But smaller is fine if your name or logo is already known or becoming known.

While spending money is always a very aprehensive feeling in new area's,
Every business-person knows that benefits usually outweigh the risks.
It's no different with advertising.

With a name for your business, and even a one-page webpage ad,
you'll soon be having calls.
Yes, that's how it starts-With phone calls. Been there & Done that...
How did they find "Hardacrefarm"?
Though not intentional at the time,
it was soon found that because of page rankings (A google term),
Hardacrefarm soon became visable to web browsers everywhere
because of the items listed that people were searching for.

This is where, how and why you can benefit from linking here with a banner.
As people search for the items listed in the online catalog store,
they come here to browse.
They're also met with links like your own that take them to other places.
Some are related, some are not.

Much like those times you've started looking for an item on the web,
and wound up several hours later looking at something totally different
than where you started out at.
It happens because of the links and searches in various web pages along the way
that became of interest to you (& Others)!

Why do it now?
Introductory rates...
These intro rates will only last a short while,
so take advantage of them while you can.
You can only lock these prices in for up to a one year limit by prepayment.
When the offer ends, as each ad term ends,
it will be renewed at the rates set at the time of renewal.
(Nothing good lasts forever, so take advantage of this now, while you can)

If you're putting the time into reading this page, that means you understand it's value and what it can do for your company.
It's also an outward sign that you're pretty serious about advertising.

So,...putting it all together here for you....
You see the prices...
They're out there honestly for everyone to see...
You understand that advertising can help your business grow...
You've seen by your own clicks that people do gravitate to this site...
You've even been advised on how to lower your advertising cost each month.
(Anyone else ever tell you to spend less at their store!!??)
Seems like you already know the reasons to do it now...But that's up to you.

See what the power of farm-site-advertising can do for you!!
More people browse here than you think!

Generally it takes about 30 days or more to see a sales increase from a new link.
This is because of page rankings, item searches, and a few other factors...
As well as buyer skepticism in the new ads...
Until the names they see are planted firmly in their minds.
All good things take time, but you already know that from your own business.

Click on any of the ad-link-ads to go to the rate page.
From there you'll have direct links to the linkspace purchasing if you want to buy.

Thanks a Bunch!


All products are available in quantities for farm & home projects, DIY repairs, shops and large orders for tractor show vendor resales.
If an item or category isn't shown, send an email and it will be listed for you ASAP.

Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
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