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Online Payment Options-Alternative Methods-Web Store Sales

Here there are a variety alternative payment styles.
Each takes
very little time to sign up with online.
Decide which one is right for your own personal needs.

Best of all,
ou can use them at MANY other places you visit every day.
Both online & in the
real-world places as well.

The top row cards carry Visa and American Express logo's.
This means you can use them as you use yours now.

Take a look...
Easiest types first, and by rows...

Separated between online and mail-in...
In ascending order of thier costs to use...
Here's what's considered here as "The Best Of The Best"

Names you'll know & trust.
Used widely in both personal and business.

Sign up for the Google Wallet & Bluebird cards today...
Your cards will be on their way, and you can still shop the store.
Just email address, amount, and message boxes.--AND FREE!!
FAST USE!!--Use them online while the cards are still in route!
Start them today even if you're purchasing at a later time!
They work anywhere major cards are accepted.

Sign up for DWOLLA, and use immediately.

There's a range of payment options available to use below.
What you won't find are "standard" credit card methods.
That doesn't mean you can't use them,
You can, just in a new way that serves everyone much better.

Some of the choices below require a signup.
Others are just a standard walk-in and get a money order type.
They're used because of innovative ways of moving cash.
More precisely.... moving it at the lowest possible cost.

That's just one of the ways used to keep item prices low here.
Which is why everyone come's here in the first place!

Quick links to the signup pages for you to review.
If you haven't used the services before, take a look at them all.
They each open in a new window, so as not to loose this page.

Your same funding accounts, but used in a better way for all.

Bluebird signup cards & kit available at WalMart cashier lines.
Same as online, but they do charge a fee there (Online is free).

FREE $20 Amazon Gift Card (Western Union "Refer-A-Friend")
Send an email to be referred-Offer valid only while WU says so.
$50 minimum purchase & must be a new WU user for eligibility.
Always a welcome bonus! Buy online minutes after signup!

Fastest & Least expensive:
Google Wallet, Bluebird & DWOLLA.

$0.00-Online-Signup-Google Wallet (MC)
$0.00-Online-Signup-Bluebird (AmEx)

-Online-Signup-Western Union (MC)

$1.00-Online-Signup-Serve (AmEx)
-Online-SignUp-MoneyGram Web

Above are the on-line methods...
Below are the mail-in methods...

$0.70-Mail In-Money Order-WalMart
$1.25-Mail In-Money Order-USPS (Postal MO)
$2.00-Mail In-Money Order-MoneyGram
Money Orders

Other types possible, email first.

Money Order Types Accepted:
WalMart, USPS, & MoneyGram


Keeps Your Credit & Bank Account Off The Internet:
All types shown are a form of "safeguard/go between"
for buyers & sellers, whether online or in-store.
So neither has direct access to the others account info.

While straight-through credit cards may seem more common,
These keep your checking & credit accounts safe & separate,
Yet allow immediate access at stores and ATM's for purchasing.
All while using your already in place credit or checking accounts.

This way, if anything happens online, it's not a major account.
Funds simply get added by you whenever you feel the need.
The MasterCard and American Express logo's let you go shop.

Use your same/existing accounts to fund, and these ones as their
Online stopguards, at an unbelievably low price!

Same Cards You Use Now, Just In A Better Way:
Google Wallet, BlueBird, & Western Union cards all carry MasterCard/AmEx/MasterCard Logo's respectively.
Reload them by credit
card/cash/checking online & in-person.
As a bonus, they can transfer cash within your family circles.
Create "sub-accounts" for family, employees, or other circles.
Use wherever giving credit cards or cash would not do well.
Make payments to anyone-anywhere with an email address.

You'll find online speed from Google Wallet or BlueBird.
For checking account payments, DWOLLA & PopMoney do it well.
Though the m
oney orders of course are slower,
US Postal MO's are the fastest most secure of them all.

Much more info at their sites than can be posted here.
See their links for up to date current info.

The debit cards listed are a good choice for those that want to keep their bank and credit card accounts safe while shopping online.
They offer credit card & ATM card ability, with the additional safety of not having to be linked to your other larger accounts.
All while still having superior purchasing ability almost anywhere you go.

Online "linked-to-your-checking" style payments offer the easier "One Less Account To Manage" approach.
Much to be said for doing it
that way also.

Money Order/Mail In Payments are still
available for those who need this type of payment for any reason. (Just takes a little longer)

If there are any other types payments you would like to use, just send an email, and their system will be looked at for integration.

Some payment types will be a faster way to send payments than others, resulting in an earlier delivery time.
Your total delivery time is a direct result of your choice of payment type.
Items get processed only after payments clear-NO EXCEPTIONS

All products are available in quantities for farm & home projects, DIY repairs, shops and large orders for tractor show vendor resales.
If an item or category isn't shown, send an email and it will be listed for you ASAP.

Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
  Google Wallet     WalMart BlueBird      DWOLLA Checking     USPS Money Order

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