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Tractor Implements & Replacement Repair Parts For Farm Equipment

Sales Listing Information:
Welcome to Hardacrefarm! New farm supply items are being added to the site regularly
Thousands of tractor & implement part
s for sale listings on purchase pages yet to add.
Need something right away? Send an email. It'll be listed ASAP in any quantity needed.

See more category's on the Current Listings page (Hover over it on the menu bar at left).
Menu drop-down sub-category links to groups & parts. Specialty section links at the top.

Hardacrefarm Implements And Parts Sales

Since 2002

All items are available in any size quantity.
DIY repairs up to show vendor resale lots.

Farm & Garden
Industrial Supply
Auto Trailer & RV
Water Well Equip
Mower Belt Blades
Tarps & Covers
Oils Fluids Grease
Tools & Equipment
Rope Chain Hooks
Hydraulic Power
Generators Motors
Apparel Work Gear
Used & Unused
Boating & Sporting
Outdoor Living
Indoor Living
Bulk Orders
Warehouse Orders

Daily Site Work!
More features, products & links
are being added daily. Advancing is always the focus.
the site becomes easier and easier for you to navigate each time you come back.

Farm supply, tractor & implement parts, & outdoor cooking items in any quantity you need.

Lots of
items have been listed already, and more are being uploaded often.
Feel free to purchase them as listed, or ask for a specific lot size if you need more
Any item can be listed in whatever size purchase you need.
Buy Big-Save Big!

Also, web link banner
ad space is offered for purchase also (Must be Ag/Country/Farm/Craft related).
Use the menu column "Advertise Your Site" link to find a size
that's right for you. Ads go on every page.

Search box on the upper right side of every page.

Category pages & menu list items, but double check with search if you don't see something.

Try both singular & plural versions of the part you are looking for depending on your needs.
Also, multi piece ads for the same item use the word "Lot" in them to make for helpful searches
Or use the navigation bars to just browse the catagory's (Not the items yet).
You can also visit Current Listings, Quick Links, or
the Site Map to see & visit the category's & items.

Now with even lower pricing than before!!

The reason?
Simply put, much lower website & advertising costs,
nd much less expensive payment options! (See Why We Use These In The Payment Methods Section)
Those two things took a heavy toll on pricing at the auction site before
...Even on these very same parts.
And the best part is that you can use these same methods everyday where you live, or online too.

Be sure to see the cost saving online payment methods available, and sign up if you haven't already.
There is also the mail-in USPS
money order checkout in the shopping cart if customers need that option as well.

Sales have now fully moved from the big online auction site to this website.

These are the
same items as were listed there before, only now they are on a more self-contained website.
No more high listing & selling fees imposed
from the auction site, or the more costly and mandatory payment types.
Both of which used to
hike up the pricing, while having no way to avoid them.

So now, this website serves as
a portal to better pricing to buyers for those very same items,
hile at the same time cutting the overhead & operating costs here as well.
The result is better
savings for all through low cost, user friendly, more efficient methods in both advertising & payments!

Feel free to go back to the big auction site and compare their pricing with here.
You'll find on average, a 10% to 15% savings here, and even more on larger items like implements, and other freight items.

What's the main reason for having confidence about your price comparisons?

Because Hardacrefarm had always
offered the best prices for the very same items there at the auction site back in the day as well!
Even better
pricing is now possible without those high selling fees, plus the freedom to use cost-cutting payment methods.

Go compare.
Then come back and check our Current Listings.
No one will be
offended by that at all.
It just makes sense to do your own comparative
shopping nowadays anyway.

of you have already purchased from our store while at the big auction site before, so thanks for browsing here as well!

All products are available in quantities for farm & home projects, DIY repairs, shops and large orders for tractor show vendor resales.
If an item or category isn't shown, send an email and it will be listed for you ASAP.

Signup at any of the online methods below for fast payments, or send a USPS money order by mail.
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